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Thanks to the grace of Robert & Karen Cottrell, the HF had been able to preserve on the web every last post that has "gone public" to the newsgroup sff.discuss.heinlein-forum located on the isolated news server news.sff.net.

Now that webspace is easier to find, the archives are back located with the HF website.

The files from 1997-2000 are just .txt files, but 2001-present are web pages. They are taken right from SFF Net, so the menuing on each page won't work. You'll just have to move between pages manually. ;)

Newsgroup Archives

If you're a completist, feel free to download every last post that's taken place on SFF Net through the end of 2004 (there's actually some of January & Feb 2005 also). Most files created with WinZip.

RAHketteer Newsletter

This was a newsletter edited by Tom Warfield and sent out by email in Plain Text format to interested parties from 11/13/1993 through 6/10/1995 in 44 issues. Our thanks to Lorrita Morgan for saving them. The file was created with WinZip.

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